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General Motors Names J&L Marketing a Turn-Key iMR Vendor for Sales Events in North America.


Contact: Liz Morgan
Key Account Coordinator
(800) 346-9117

Louisville, Kentucky – May 26, 2015 - J&L Marketing announced today that General Motors has named the company a turn-key Sales iMR (inMarketRetail) vendor for Sales Events for its entire North American dealership network. J&L was previously named a Turn-Key iMR Vendor for Service Clinics in 2011. This decision adds J&L Marketing to the list of vendors that have access to iMR funds for Sales Events, and makes for a hassle-free claim reimbursement for the dealership. The addition of J&L’s Sales Events to the iMR program will also benefit dealers who opt to participate in Total Dealership Events: events that combine a J&L Sales Event and Service Clinic into a single dealership-wide event.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to expand our relationship with General Motors, GM dealers, and the iMR program,” said Jamil Zabaneh, President of J&L Marketing. “GM dealers have already seen the tremendous results and revenue our Service Clinics produce, and now that our Sales Events are part of the iMR program, these same dealers can experience for themselves the benefits of our record-breaking Sales Events while also enjoying easy claim reimbursement for these events.”

J&L Marketing Owner and CEO Scott Joseph added, “We are dedicated to providing the best products and creating the most competitive sales events for our customers. I am very pleased that GM believes in the power of our sales events enough to add them to the iMR program, and we at J&L look forward to working more closely with GM dealerships in the near future.”

J&L’s customizable Sales Event campaigns have been proven to significantly increase showroom traffic for dealerships, as well as boost owner loyalty, add new customers to dealerships’ databases, and reactivate lost customers. Sales Event campaign components include data analytics, direct mail pieces, email, personalized microsites, digital retargeting ads, social media assets, promotion coordinators, and response analysis reports and 30-day sales tracker tools, among other elements.

GM dealers interested in a J&L Marketing Sales Event should visit http://www.gmmarketingevents.com/ to request more information.

For more information on this announcement, please contact 800.346.9117 or lmorgan@jandlmarketing.com.



Founded in 1991, J&L Marketing is the nation’s highest rated automotive owner marketing agency. The company is SSAE Certified and recognized throughout the industry for its data security and data analytics. Using data driven strategies powered by its proprietary program, J&L works with clients to design and execute their direct marketing efforts. J&L Marketing’s automotive equity data mining and lead generation, sales events, customer pay service clinics, email, direct mail, microsites, digital direct

targeting, retargeting, social media, video and virtual BDC provide a complete range of automotive multi-channel direct marketing solutions for both sales and fixed operations. The company is a preferred vendor with Chrysler, BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz and MINI. More information is available at www.jandlmarketing.com.




J&L Marketing Joins FCA US LLC MarketCenter

J&L Marketing now part of select group of MarketCenter suppliers which support FCA US dealers

(April 10, 2015) – J&L Marketing announced that it has been approved by FCA US LLC MarketCenter that services dealers’ automotive sales and marketing needs.

J&L Marketing President Jamil Zabaneh has supported a number of marketing event projects with FCA US and its dealers in recent years, which led to J&L’s engagement with MarketCenter. J&L Marketing now offers FCA US dealers campaigns custom tailored to an individual dealership’s sales goals and objectives.

“As a company, J&L Marketing strives to deliver the best product and the best results to our customers, and therefore, we are very proud to have been selected by the FCA US MarketCenter,” said Scott Joseph, J&L Marketing’s CEO and Owner. “This development means we can offer turn-key advertising and marketing solutions to Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck, and FIAT dealerships across the country at competitive rates with benefits such as seamless claim reimbursement for dealerships.”

Launched in 2001, FCA US MarketCenter offers FCA US dealers discounts on services and products including: customer loyalty, promotional items, office supplies, fuel, computers, uniforms, shipping services and more at volume discount pricing. The addition of J&L Marketing to FCA US MarketCenter means dealerships can take advantage of the company’s broad range of marketing solutions – including: digital direct targeting, microsites, email, direct mail, social media, video and more – at MarketCenter discount rates. MarketCenter is available to Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck, and FIAT dealers through DealerCONNECT, an online dealer portal.

“Our Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck and FIAT dealers consistently use MarketCenter because we partner with companies who provide value-added products and services that help drive customer traffic and reduce overall operating expenses. FCA US already had a successful history working with J&L Marketing, and we are confident their company will continue to be well-received by our dealers,” said Larry Whitefield, Manager, MarketCenter Business Development.

For more information on J&L Marketing or FCA US MarketCenter, please contact 800.346.9117 or chrysler@jandlmarketing.com.



Founded in 1991, J&L Marketing is the nation’s highest rated automotive owner marketing agency. The company is SSAE Certified and recognized throughout the industry for its data security and data analytics. Using data driven strategies powered by its proprietary program, J&L works with clients to design and execute their direct marketing efforts. J&L Marketing’s automotive equity data mining and lead generation, sales events, customer pay service clinics, email, direct mail, microsites, digital direct

targeting, retargeting, social media, video and virtual BDC provide a complete range of automotive multi-channel direct marketing solutions for both sales and fixed operations. The company is a preferred vendor with Chrysler, BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz and MINI. More information is available at www.jandlmarketing.com


Digital Domination At The Innovative Dealer Summit

J&L Marketing has been invited to speak for the 2nd consecutive year at the Innovative Dealer Summit. In association with the Colorado Auto Dealers Association, the Innovative Dealer Summit is the largest national educational event created by an auto dealers association. Last year’s event saw J&L Marketing’s innovative multi-channel marketing platform featured by automotive news entity CBT News.

This year, I have the honor of sharing with Colorado auto dealers the best ways to dominate their competitors in digital marketing. Summit attendees will learn innovative ways to identify and market to their customers before their competitors target those customers. These marketing techniques allow dealers to begin conversations with in-market customers without fighting for the customer’s attention with their competition. I’ll also discuss the methods J&L uses to target dealers’ customers with dynamic banner ads through cookie and IP address matching (our match rates come in at an unrivaled 50-70 percent!).

I’ve presented on these powerful techniques at other automotive educational events such as the Digital Dealer Conference, with audience members later commenting via social media on how amazed they were that these marketing strategies even exist.

If you’re planning to attend the 2015 Innovative Dealer Summit, you will not want to miss out on my session, Digital Domination, scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th at 4pm.

If you won’t be able to attend but would like more information about how you to can dominate your competition, contact us.


How a Ford dealership owner and son of an assembly line worker launched March Madness.

On March 9, 1979, the men’s NCAA basketball tournament kicked off with a field of 40 teams, led by the top-ranked and undefeated Indiana State Sycamores. At that point, the tournament was a second-rate event that only hardcore sports junkies and fans of competing schools cared much about.

That all changed on March 26, when the Sycamores, led by senior forward Larry Bird, faced the Michigan State Spartans and their star guard, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, in the championship game. That Monday night in Salt Lake City, as anticlimactic as it was, gave birth to a rivalry that transformed college basketball and eventually saved the NBA.

Backwoods folk hero

Prior to the 1979 title game, Larry Bird only played in a few televised games. This was before cable TV and ESPN, where players’ exploits were described in print publications like Sports Illustrated or the wire stories picked up in daily newspapers around the country. For small schools like Indiana State, located in Terre Haute and playing in the Missouri Valley Conference, it was more like the 1950’s.

Despite this, Larry Bird was known to those who followed basketball. After graduating from high school, Bird started his college basketball career at mighty Indiana University, where Bobby Knight was about to win his first national title. 

Bird only lasted a month at IU before packing his bags and heading home. The poor kid from French Lick with a troubled home life, wasn’t ready for a college campus larger than his hometown, not to mention a notoriously difficult head coach.

After a year at home attending community college and working as a garbage man, Bird enrolled at Indiana State and never looked back.

It was because of his transfer that Bird gained national attention a second time. In those days, there were eligibility requirements for the NBA draft, and at the end of Bird’s junior year at Indiana State, he was the topic of much discussion among NBA general mangers.

After making it known that he intended to return for his senior year of college, most teams moved on to other prospects. But Red Auerbach, the legendary czar of the Boston Celtics, drafted Bird anyway, content to wait a year before having him on the team. Auerbach knew Bird was worth the wait.

And so it was that Larry Bird entered his senior season at Indiana State, a seldom seen phenom whose scoring and rebounding were only topped by his deft passes and ability to get his teammates into the game.


Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s rise to fame was as conspicuous as Bird’s was obscure. Despite his humble beginnings – his mother was a school custodian and his father a GM assembly line worker – Johnson’s doting parents instilled in him a drive that augmented his physical gifts and made him star of his state champion high school team and a McDonald’s All-American in 1977.

Johnson could have gone to any college in the country, but chose to stay close to home and play for Jud Heathcote at Michigan State who promised him he could play point guard.

Johnson’s easygoing charm and grace on the court caught the attention of writers and commentators, and as the 1979 NCAA tournament wound down, he and Bird emerged as inevitable foes that everyone following the game hoped would faceoff. They were different in nearly every way except that they both won.

First blood

After crushing Penn 101-67 in the semi-finals, Michigan State looked like a sure-bet to beat the Sycamores, who barely got by DePaul, 76-74, in their semi-final game. But those who’d seen Larry Bird almost singlehandedly destroy teams knew not to count him out.

After the opening tip, Michigan State controlled the ball and got it to Johnson, who drove the lane before crashing into Bird and being called for traveling. Bird got up first, grabbed Johnson’s arm and pulled him to his feet. It was the only time Bird had the upper hand. Michigan State bottled him up with a zone defense that never let him find his rhythm.

The final score, 75-64, belies the impact the game had on college basketball. Bird and Johnson captured the imagination of casual fans like no two players ever had in the sport. Bird, the dogged hustler who never stopped fighting, and Johnson, the always smiling warrior who made it look easy, forced people to take sides in a debate that went on for the next decade as to who was better.   

Nearly 25% of the TV sets in America were tuned to the ‘79 championship game, making it the highest rated telecast in the history of college basketball, a mark that will likely stand forever, given the endless fragmentation of TV that exists today. Even though both Bird and Johnson went on to the NBA the following season, the excitement that fans felt in 1979 didn’t end with that tournament. Instead, it proved to be the launch of a phenomenon that rivals the Super Bowl as the greatest sporting event in the country.

The emergence of college basketball as a big-time sport can be credited to Magic Johnson, the son of a GM assembly line worker and Larry Bird, a man who, in 1987, opened his own Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Martinsville, Indiana. Car guys.

Many of you reading this will recognize the grit and determination that made Larry Bird and Magic Johnson champions in their respective pursuits. Why? Because you’ve cultivated those same traits to rise to the top of yours.

Here’s to you and your bracket. I hope you win your pool.


Where Most Service Clinics Fail – And How To Ensure Yours Succeeds 

Most dealers understand the importance of customer retention. They’re e-mail-blasting sales messages, sending direct mail, and their salespeople are combing over thousands of client records in their DMS, making phone calls to previous customers and orphan owners. The problem is that many dealers don’t realize that, all too often, those messages fall on deaf ears. Dealerships spend tons of money sending messages to customers that are mostly irrelevant because some vendor promised huge results in exchange for a check and the dealership’s database.

Most customer retention strategies are sales-focused. What about the hundreds of customers service departments see on a daily basis, or the customers who once had their vehicles regularly serviced but for some reason have stopped?

More sales and revenue exist in your service department than anywhere else in your dealership. 

Service clinics are an excellent way to build relationships with your customers. Manufacturers are embracing service clinics because they know building solid relationships and educating customers on the value of dealership service increases brand retention. Dealers, however, tend to overlook service clinics because many don’t see value when attempting to implement and facilitate one on their own. Dealers send out mass invites, order catering and schedule staff for the event but, at the end of the day, if revenue generated from the event doesn’t exceed the costs, they declare it a failure and move on to the next idea.

Service clinics can be one of the most profitable events for a dealership… if done properly. Here are tips on how to run an effective service clinic:

  1. Invite the right people – Dealers who want to see success in a service clinic must be choosy about who they invite. When hosting a party, most people will restrict their invitations to their friends and family members who are most likely to attend. There are many reasons why customers may not attend your service clinic including: they no longer own the vehicle you think they do, they no longer live in your area or simply that they aren’t your friend anymore because of a poor experience they may have had at your dealership.
  2. Deliver the invite – Assuming that your dealership has been able to figure out which of your customers are most likely to attend, the next step is ensuring that the customer gets the invitation. Dealerships need to take a multi-channel approach to delivering this message, including e-mail, targeted banner ads, direct mail and phone calls. Don’t stop there, however. People are busy and have a million things on their plates. Simply delivering the message successfully isn’t enough. Dealers must continue to send reminders as the service clinic approaches to avoid cases in which customers planned on attending but simply forgot.
  3. Staff it properly – When holding a service clinic, a key to success is to know who attended. Typically, dealers ensure that management, service advisors, technicians and salespeople are all on hand for a clinic. What tends to happen, however, is that staff gets busy and people get overlooked. I know you get frustrated when your salespeople don’t log customers in your CRM, yet when it comes time for a service clinic, these are the same people you expect to collect the attendees’ information. Successful service clinics will have dedicated people whose only job is to collect information. They will greet customers and get their information before the customers go anywhere else. This will ensure that you get all of the data you need, and people won’t slip through the cracks because your staff is occupied talking to other attendees.
  4. Have A Process – Many service clinics are arranged without any direction or flow. The dealer lets the customer decide who they speak with. How likely is it that a customer who’s at your dealership for a service clinic will walk up to a salesperson? Probably not very likely unless they happen to be in the market for a vehicle. Having a designated process, which you control, that guides and exposes each customer to every member of your dealership will present opportunities that you would have otherwise missed. 
  5. Follow up – After the event, it’s important to follow up with each and every customer who attended to thank them for attending and see if they have any additional questions. This follow-up should be via email, direct mail and made through a personal phone call. The customer chose to dedicate some of their valuable time to visit your dealership. Reaching out to them and thanking them will further enhance the relationship you’ve started.

Let J&L show you the smarter side of service clinics. Our clinics follow the above tips, and have been proven to generate revenue, sell cars, and encourage customers to continue to use service departments. Here’s another incentive for luxury car dealerships: we’ve rolled BDC calls into our pricing bundle, and you save money as a result. Our BDC service handles scheduling, qualifying customers, sending reminders, and conducting follow-up calls.

For more information on J&L service clinics, click here.